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Untold Story of mumbai Train Blast Accused

Mumbai 7/11 Train Blast Judgement

(Popularly known as 7/11)

Terror struck the city of Mumbai when the firstclass compartments of seven suburban trains to the city’s western suburbs were ripped apart by powerful blasts on 11th July, 2006 between 1823 to 1828 hours leaving 187 dead and 829 injured and destroying railway property of the value of s.88,66,239/.

The bomb explosions were the result of a well orchestrated plan that was allegedly hatched in Pakistan by the LashkareTaiba (LeT) and was Judgement “MCOC” 21/06 ..6.. Ext. 4825 executed with the help of persons allegedly belonging to the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), an rganisation banned by the Government of India.

The series of bomb blasts in this case is one of the largest incidents of bomb blasts in the history of independent India, second only to the series of bomb blasts of 1993 in Mumbai, in terms of the
number of dead and injured.

257 persons had died and 751 had been injured in the serial bomb blasts of 1993. 187 persons have died and 829 have been injured in the serial bomb blasts in this case.

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